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The sundial is incomplete, the

The sundial is incomplete, the sunset is like a blood, and the blue sky is red. Many students are out of the examination room Marlboro Red 100S, confident? Lost? Holding the admission ticket tightly, I left it from the teaching building together, and the following snow-like buildings were swaying in the upper grades of y and frustration of the journey is delightful and unforgettable. With dreams and courage and a little unknown Marlboro Gold Pack, I entered the examination room of Xiaoshengchu. Some people are delighted that some people are sad. This contest of the scores makes the students feel in the hearts of the students. Can not help but be nervous, people in the school, the masters emerge in an endless stream, waiting for a long time, until the score reveals his true face of Lushan, after the school has been settled, many schoolmates have come to ask me the secret of achieving excellent results. In fact, the contest of a 10,000-person single-wo walk through the sixth grade street in ten minutes between classes Carton Of Newports. Through the bright windows, I saw the teacher��s hard work to explain the review. The students did not feel tired and consolidate their knowledge. There was a sweat-like sweat, and the classroom was filled with a tense atmosphere. Even the air suffocated. Even though, I was not really nervous because I always felt that I was a fifth-grade elementary school student. But unconsciously, my heart is a little scared, but I can look back and think about it: Well, there are these school sisters who are coming to the top, and we have 365 days in the exam, early! Perhaps this is my comfort, but one day I found that the sixth grade classroom next door was empty, and I felt a strong sense of urgency in my heart, only to realize that the small thelpless to experience their feelings last year, unconsciously, the study of the sixth grade has become extremely tense. In our tender heart, facing the sudden challenges, the attitude is like facing the college entrance examination. Everyone is rushing to the high point. After reviewing these days, the self-study teacher has made the papers one by one Cheap Cigarettes. Hair, implementation of the sea tactics, class time, the teacher helped us to fight against time to consolidate all kinds of knowledge, slowly blackboard words can be seen in our dazzling, many students have glasses for this, just flip anybody's study Notes, I think those words are new type of fonts, only he can see clearly, because the time for taking notes is not much, can only be written down, so that the state of full tension is from the first jing to the night In fact, I didn��t even sleep at night, and I repeatedly read the formulas, words, and the like. It��s no exaggeration to say that the volume of the desk can��t fit me. The pressure, walking through our classroom corridors, it is not difficult to find a book of counseling piled up like a miniature pyramid. When I go home from school, many parents use the car to pick up and drop, so as not to delay the review time of the children, the courseware Parents seem to regard this test as a ��high school entrance examination��. If we continue to talk about it, we should not miss the weekly teacher��s homework test and rank it to increase our importance Carton Of Marlboro Reds. I hope everyone can use the mistakes in the test paper. During the class, I fixed my weaknesses. The fierce competition made me lose my grasp of whether I could enter the famous school. Every time I thought of this, I was so sad that I would stick to my teeth.

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