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Jump Cutscenes at NBA 2K19

If you would like to choose your passing game to another level in NBA 2K19, hold down Triangle/ Y to direct an off-ball player to the basket and then release it when you're ready to pass. To complete a flashy pass, then simply double tap Circle/ B whilst holding the left stick in the path of the recipient. Release the button to get a return.

Another commonly used tactic to create movement is the dribble handoff. This is the point where an off-ball offensive player runs behind the ball-handler and can be passed the ball. To execute this movement, hold down Circle/ B and await the off-ball participant to run behind the ball-handler. Release the button to carry out the hand-off.

While standing or driving to the basket, then you can carry out a bogus pass or jump pass. A hop pass is implemented by pressing Square + X/ X + A.

At the conclusion of a match when trying to reserve time in NBA 2K19, it could be better to roll the inbound pass in instead of pass it.

Entering the practice gym, signing an endorsement contract, and completing an NBA match in MyCareer mode generally prompts a three to ten minute cutscene in NBA 2K19. This may be annoying for some players who only need to play and enhance their MyPlayer. Mashing buttons on your control won't skip the cutscene since there's no way to bypass these long animations and dialog normally.

After every NBA game, a few match stats will show up on the screen while DJ and company gradually walk towards their locker room. Besides this lengthy animation, there is a big chance you will encounter a cutscene with either security guy, Boo Boo, along with teammate Shammy Wells fooling around or your own character with an interview. To skip these cutscenes, just bring up the party menu on your computer and join a buddy who's playing NBA 2K19. Doing this brings you The Neighborhood, basically bypassing the cutscene.

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