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How to debug the lubrication station of the VSI sand making machine?

The lubrication station of the VSI sand making machine is an internationally advanced automatic lubrication system for thin oil lubrication. It is better than the traditional sand making machine lubrication system, which can ensure that the VSI sand making machine (short for VSI vertical shaft impact type sand making machine) keeps the spindle bearing constant temperature and prolongs the maintenance period and service life. So how do you debug the lubrication station of the new VSI sand making machine? Below we will talk about SBM for you.
SBM said that the commissioning of VSI's new sand making machine lubrication station:
Open the lubrication station oil filter. There are two filter elements in the lubrication station oil filter. One working and one standby are used for conversion and replacement by the handle. When the handle is in the middle position, the two oil filters are closed. Adjust the flow switch to the 8L-10L scale. Adjust the running direction of the lubrication station motor (clockwise operation). Start the lubrication station When the motor temperature is lower than 16 degrees, it will automatically heat (yellow light). When it is heated to 16 degrees, the yellow indicator will automatically turn off. After 1 minute, the oil pump will automatically turn off. At this point, the lubrication station can work normally. After the lubrication station is started for 1 minute, the white indicator light is on, indicating that the main bearing cylinder has lubricating oil circulating, and the host can start. SBM Mine specializes in the production of VSI sand making equipment to provide you with the highest quality equipment and the most comprehensive after-sales service guarantee.

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